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    I booted my computer after it was off overnight. Clicked on Microsoft Edge icon pinned to task bar. Got message saying my start menu wasn't working and to restart. Before I even had a chance to restart, the MEdge task bar icon disappeared before my eyes and the computer immediately went into Microsoft updates. Restarted as instructed. It did another update and another restart. Everything working fine EXCEPT MEdge is totally gone. I've searched for it to just repin to taskbar, not there. I've done the system scan and it says nothing is wrong... what is going on? Are my favorites somewhere on my computer that I can just import them into Internet Explorer or Firefox?
    11-09-2016 11:13 AM
  2. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi Welcome to Windows Central! Try searching for 'Microsoft Edge' ( Use two words in your search)! If you need more help, please join the forum! You could run sfc /scannow to make sure you have no file errors!
    11-10-2016 11:11 AM

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