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Apr 21, 2017
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This issue took a week of my time and a hundred restarts.

One evening I started having issues with my Win10x64 desktop. Long story short, in an attempt to fix the problem I installed the 2004 update. Even more problems ensued, lockups, white icons and total instability. I noticed that my boot SSD was showing Red (low space warning). Knowing that low space and SSD's don't go together I began freeing up space and even deleted prior Win10 there was no backing out of 2004.

I ordered a larger SSD from Amazon and used MSconfig to boot to a diagnostics load and that allowed me to at least use Thunderbird and Edge while I awaited my new SSD.

SSD arrived. I tried Paragon Hard Disk manager as well as DiskGenius to Migrate the OS but neither program worked. I located a WinPE ISO on the web and burnt that to DVD, booted it and ran it's included OS migration tool and that worked. Whew!!, I thought I was home free....Not!

Now I embarked on the laborious task of slowly enabling services and start programs trying to get a stable load. I was continuously and repeatedly having every kind of issue imaginable from not even getting to the log on screen to all sorts of lockups and instability once booted. I had to run windows repair a number of times after restarts just to get too the log on screen.

Eventually I got to the point where I could get most services started with the exception of my backup service, WDBackup and related services and a live wallpaper service. I could do without the wallpaper but the Western Digital My Cloud service was important to me.

While the load wasn't totally reliable I spent the next evening trying every, and I mean every suggested repair for white icons which included just going into each property and trying to reinstall the icon with about a 50% success rate...very frustrating.

All the while I kept checking Windows Update hoping for a fix for 2004 but none available. I left the computer running as I always do and went to bed...which for the last week had been close to 2am.

the next day I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to reset windows and just spent time on the web and email when it occurred to me that the computer was actually running smooth and fast. No Explorer slowdowns or hangs, just seemed like a new computer.

I decided to run msconfig again and enable the WD services, something I hadn't been able to do do since this all started, and not enable the actual applications in Startup until after the machine it was even going to boot.

Restart and it did boot. The next thing was whether I cold start Edge which in the past with those services I could not, yes, it started.

Next was the WD Smartware app, and yes, it did open. All seemed fine. I enabled the applications for startup and restarted. The machine booted like normal and everything was running. I claimed victory and continued my frustration with the icons. I was having a little bit more success with the individual icons and for some reason I decided to enable my live wallpaper service and try that. Restart and the machine booted as normal, everything running fine, fast and stabile.

I have no idea why it started working again, perhaps when Windows was in the space constrained environment it had tried to accommodate for that and needed time to re-calibrate...I really don't know.

I do still have white icons so if anyone has the secret remedy for that I'd appreciate that info.

It was a long few days of late night frustrations. It was like nothing was going right then like magic, everything was and I just had to vent my experiences.

Thanks for listening

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