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    hi, I have a problem with windows battery meter, my laptop is a Samsung AtivBook 9 Plus. the design battery capacity is 55kmwh, but its holding 82kmwh as full charge...

    if I'm at 100%, the laptop will die at 35%, but still will run for a full 7 hour, and each % is very slow to change., making me think its a windows problem offsetting the battery. I have "calibrate" it with the usual charge/discharge method and no luck, I've even take off the battery for a few minutes.

    so, I want to know if its really a faulty battery(it was ok a few days ago) or a windows problem, I have tons of stuff so I don't want to format my pc. give me some idea, can I delete battery parameters reset it? Can I make windows forget the actual full charge capacity of the battery to start with a "fresh" values?
    11-19-2016 10:58 AM

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