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    My mum got a Lumia 950.
    It has all the latest updates as of November 2016.

    The phone uses cellular data like CRAZY. Her 3GB data plan got used up in 4 days. She bought another 1GB to last the rest of the month and as from yesterday evening she had used 48MB of the 1GB - only to wake up today and see that 250MB has been used! The only thing she does is to surf on some news web sites - and we have turned off everything in regards to background data, sync and other potential data draining apps.
    Looking at usage details under settings, we can see that the culprit here is EDGE, which had used more than 190MB without being used pr. se. There is no way in hell she has surfed for 190MB during this time span, especially since she was sleeping most of the time (!) So what's the deal with Edge draining so much data?
    11-21-2016 06:50 AM
  2. Rosebank's Avatar
    It is for this very reason I turn OFF data when I am sleeping, and when travelling etc, I only switch it ON when I need it as this OS cant be trusted with a data plan like you mention, text and calls are unaffected so switch OFF data until you need to use it.
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    11-21-2016 06:56 AM

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