1. venom0706's Avatar
    I recently bought a replacement li-on battery for my Lumia 630. Since I planned on start using it after some time, I had stored it in a drawer (unpacked, in a nylon bag).

    However, couple of days ago I noticed that I've carelessly put some boxes on it without even noticing. My question is, have I damaged the battery by putting weight on it or everything is fine?The amount of weight wasn't more than 400-500 g. Will I be able to use the battery or it also might damage the phone if I put it in?

    I hope that you can help me. Thank you and appreciated.
    01-03-2017 11:20 AM
  2. libra89's Avatar
    The battery might be fine. Make sure to inspect the battery to see if there are any grooves or dents. If those are present, it might not be safe to use it. If it looks normal, you should be able to use it.
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    01-03-2017 11:49 AM
  3. venom0706's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer. What's the worst that can happen to my phone if the battery is damaged? Can the battery permanently damage the phone in any way?
    01-03-2017 12:23 PM
  4. xandros9's Avatar
    Eh, the absolute worst that could happen is fire, but we're talking puncture damage or obvious deformities.

    Otherwise I'm sure the battery is fine, especially since the pack is meant to be removed from the phone if need be. As long as it looks normal. But with that weight I'm sure it's okay.
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    01-03-2017 12:31 PM

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