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    Hi guys: The microphone on my 1520 stopped working. I updated and rolled back the software with no success. The only way I can talk to anyone is through an earpiece. Not even the speakerphone works. Has anyone ever experienced this problem and successfully resolved it. Phone is currently on windows 10 1607 10.0.14393.576. was originally 8.1.

    Pretty sad that this has happened to a typically great phone. Don't know that I can survive waiting for the much rumored Surface Phone with this handicap. Thanks!
    01-10-2017 01:46 PM
  2. Lothario#CB's Avatar
    Interesting. My mic just stopped for voice-to-text. It works for phone calls though, so physically it is fine. Maybe it is an issue with the Cortana app, or whatever app is handling the voice-to-text.

    Your problem sounds like a mechanical issue though. 1520 is ATT, right? They do have the insurance that allows a swap for pretty much any reason, if you got that.
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    01-12-2017 11:10 AM

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