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    I recently saw an article from Jez illustrating how to use the Nvidia Control Panel to force games like Halo Wars: Definitive Edition to use the Nvidia GPU rather than the integrated graphics. Using the "add" function, I could not find Halo Wars or any of my other UWP games in order to make those changes.

    I asked about this in the comments section and Jez responded by telling me to use a file path search rather than searching for the title. I must admit, after trying to do exactly that, I don't think I was doing it correctly.

    I'm a console gamer and I'm just now getting into PC gaming thanks to UWP and Xbox Play Anywhere. So I have no idea how to do any of these tasks that may be trivial to people who have gamed on PC before. The upcoming Game Mode update will likely solve this problem but until then I would like to ensure that my games are using the proper resources.

    So i guess my question is: Can someone please give me a step-by-step on how to find the UWP games using Nvidia Control Panel?.. Please explain this under the assumption that I know absolutely nothing. Simply saying "search the file path instead of searching the title" didn't seem to help much since the Windows Store games/apps seem to be locked/hidden by default. When using the "add" function and searching under user profile (where the Windows Store games/apps are supposedly saved), all the folders are seemingly empty. Any help would be appreciated.

    01-18-2017 06:28 AM
  2. Antwan3k's Avatar
    Figured it out, I needed to enable hidden folders and allow myself access to view them
    01-18-2017 11:28 AM
  3. Xsled's Avatar
    What did you have to do to grant yourself access?
    01-27-2017 10:23 PM

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