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    I was trying to install dual operating system in my PC, already had Windows 7 installed on my machine, i installed windows server 2008 on another drive.
    After this installation, i was expecting to get both the operating system working, but unfortunately only Windows 2008 is working, i dont understand why?
    Also Windows made one of my disk containing data as SYSTEM ACTIVE PARTITION and hence i am not able to view my data, eventhouth the disk is showing 90 % full in disk management console

    I have 2 queries
    1] How would i get dual operating system
    2]How would i be able to view my data.
    01-22-2017 10:27 PM
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    Hi Welcome to Windows Central.I have never heard of Windows making a disc active. That usually takes a right click and selecting active. It's really hard to tell where you are in the process. My thinking is a tool like parted magic might help you with this issue. https://partedmagic.com/
    If you need more help,please join the forum!
    PS You might be able to get a free version from Major Geeks!
    Download Parted Magic - MajorGeeks
    01-23-2017 02:06 AM

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