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    Hello guys. here's the deal: Im a subscriber to VOD service that is available through:

    1) an android app 2) a website that runs Silverlight.

    neither works for me - my tv does not support Android apps and my Xbox... well, it does not support Silverlight. hence, every time i want to watch tv, I am forced to connect my old laptop via hdmi to my tv and operate it this way - long story short: its not very convenient.

    yes - I know i could buy an USB android stick - but, cmon, i didn't spend a few hundred euros on an multi-functional powerful super-dooper XB1 to buy another android piece of **** for another cash... tried to contact the service provider and find out whether they are planning to abandon Silverlight, but apparently its not happening any time soon.

    This being said, heres my question: is there any other way? some browser? software? ANYTHING? thanks for your help!
    01-30-2017 05:22 AM

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