Are some of your news articles sponsored or swayed to favor one brand over the next?

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I'll use this URL as an example. You have several categories, none of which Samsung falls under best OLED (because they don't make them), Best budget (they're not cheap), best performance (they're nothing to brag about), etc.

So why does Samsung get recommended over a comparable LG or Sony TV? Or even a comparable LG SUHD that's QLED?

I can't comment on the article, because it's disabled, but I am beginning to feel a lot of articles are becoming very biased and opinionated more heavily than normal. This wouldn't normally affect me except it's now less of a "news" site and more of a retail experience in online form now.

Give some reasons why some TVs are recommended over the others. Do some due diligence and give us further detail, maybe not to the point of AVSForums or something, but can we get some clarity so we can maybe better set our expectations for Windows Central and parent sites?

Even now, as I post this question, I saw another inquiry about WC offering a premium subscription to remove all the ads on your website. Sure, we can use adblocker, but for those at work and we cannot install certain software or tools to do so, this makes it annoying to view.

Long time user, lurker, contributor, advocator, etc of all things MS, Windows Central, etc... Losing enthusiasm... I am posting this here (instead of a support ticket) to see if others agree or am I the only one viewing this experience this way.

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