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    So my wife decided to sync her onedrive account to our PC...*all* of it.

    Here's the problem. I can't stop the sync, unless both the files on the SSD and online are matched up...which is impossible, because the SSD is only 256 GB with 120-130GB free, and she is trying to sync ~350GB. Yesterday I was trying to figure out why my computer said I was out of memory, and this was the reason I discovered.

    So it turns out there are some photos she actually wants to sync/upload online, and others that are online that she doesn't necessarily need on the desktop. Obviously I don't want to download the stuff that's already online, but OneDrive refuses to let me unsync that drive before its done downloading *all* the files. And if I delete it from my SSD, it deletes it from my OneDrive! If I also try removing a folder from syncing before it's done, it also deletes the original from OneDrive.

    It doesn't help that there's basically no options for syncing on the OneDrive app either, and there's no way to pause sync for individual folders. So how to proceed?
    03-02-2017 12:00 AM

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