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    Hi All,Request you all to help me in creating prerequisites for Merging the domains and Upgrading the servers.
    1) Networking part is already done, We are able to ping each and every domain...etc
    2) We have a domain India.com for Company India.
    3) We have acquired 3 companies OKC.com ,*DFW.com and MCO.com , Now we have to make all the domains as India.com
    4)*OKC.com , DFW.com and MCO.com are on Server 2008
    5) India.com is on Server 2012 r2 , We want all the servers as 2012 r2.
    6) How to migrate all the users to India.com , Their are many applications that are hosted in these three*domains. DFW.com has only 20 users rest 2 have more than 250 users.
    7) what about the other resources such NetApp Storage boxes, Vcenter , Printers.?
    8) We dont want to create parent child domain , All should be India.com only.
    Please let me if any other information is required and what other factors should be considered for doing this project.*
    03-03-2017 08:40 AM

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