why hmdi and other high rate video will not work on computers, and the awser


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Mar 3, 2019
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one forgive my spelling i have add, throw i help microsoft with updates, and they gave me all there software i have ran 10 servers side by side, going make this as simple as i can, there has allways been two main probems with all microsoft os, that has directly inpacked performace, one on all os there is what i call a production probem it is eather place there or microsoft dose not know about it, it is a probem i found on all os, and all servers, over years i learn to repair the probem but do to there updates, probems comes back, what this probem do, it can crash the os, it can provent os from booting, it can provent programs from running, there no error code for this, there no way to trace it, becuase i have add my mind sees things in patterns, this lead me to a probem that i found to be hardcoded in all os, now microsoft cant muilty task, never could , multy tasking is if u have 16 cores Each program would hit a diffrent core, now the amout of load on core would tell pc or server how many cores it takes to run it, and this would be incoded in the os, other probem is microsoft cant get over the 10mb trasfer limit on harddrives, they never could so they try to over lay linux to fix the probem and other reasons this never fix anything, throw it did alow them easyer access to the pc, this to has a impack on a pc. all pcs and servers is allways trying send microsoft information, now probem is that on normal computers they cant handle so many request,
is there a way get around microsoft probems yes, u dont need high end video card, but a one that can handle hmdi, two u need to install a telsa card, 3 u must install the drivers that alow the os to use the telsa card, the drivers and program makes the os muilty task, and 4 most pcs dont care how new how they made, if u look at hp z800 z820 they use ecc memory these are the computers to get, when cpu changes speed memory is unshealded, and it causes probems, ecc helps provent errors, and one last thing get away from sata drives, go to sas drives, why one there server grade, two u will in some cases need replace the controler or upgrade it, and there dual ch sata drives uses one ch sas drives uses two , i only seen very few sas drives fail, my fix was i got a server hp ml350 g6 upgaded cpus to 6 cores each 40 gigs memory with nvida plex with two telsa cards windows 2012 r2 server, the telas cards alow os to use them as cpu's so in fack i made a supper computer, nvida said cant be done, and was untested well i did it got work, and i learn to block all microsoft ports that they uses so os would work as i wanted, server been off line for over year, becuase i dont want microsoft know what i done, as i fix there probems, now i can run vmware load any os and play games at hmdi speeds, u will need a usb 3,0 and usb to hdmi converter, it wont miss a frame, why microsoft cant fix the probem to them it was eather place there to break computers or they no idea its there, and i refuse to tell them unless they pay me for it, they say it woks fine, welll it dose untill certen code runs a odd way then breaks the pc, and i had break domain 1000 times to understand how get these probem fix, probem is in the codeing of windows, its all comeing out chana now, why so many updates as they cant get it right, and for the few of us that do understand microsoft demans to be given the information, no they want it they pay for it, telsa cards is only fix i know of,
i dont this sence dos, i did stuff with dos microsoft said was never possable , but way my mind wire, i dont know gramer nor can i learn cant spell cant rember my past, but i see os in very diffent way so i can see the probems, apple has join microsoft in collection of information, i do not know when this started, leads me wounder if linux also some how giveing up information, computers needs a new os that is hack proof but no one will build it, throw can be built , we have hardware to make our servers in to supper computers but few understand how do this, IT is about school, i learn by doing there is advanages to bouth, and takes bouth to build a hack proof os, one side cant work with out the other, and bouth refuses to work togather, who will hire a person that cant spell, or understand how we even think,
u cant, maybe this will help some of u

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