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    I'd love to be left in that static OS I have in the phone. No sharing connecting to Wi-Fis I don't know about nor do I care to, and yet, it's doing it right now. But I don't have any computer, phone, anything to connect to except for the trusted antennas, I guess 12 of them at range, 4 at LTE and 8 working on the 3rd G. My Wi-Fi router and modem? That and the charging cable are what I believe to be my Phones best friends. I never authorized it. It was not announced when I bought the phone. Continuum was just the title of a movie.
    03-17-2017 03:57 PM
  2. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    I am sorry but I am not sure I understand. As I also have a 950XL, I am not being forced to use Continuum at all when I use my phone. What exactly is the OS doing that you don't want it to?
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    03-18-2017 07:53 AM
  3. RumoredNow's Avatar
    If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
    03-21-2017 12:08 PM
  4. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    Any more information about this? I am not sure I fully understand the question to be honest.
    03-22-2017 10:11 AM

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