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    Hi All ,

    We were able to do minimize the pop up while saving a file successfully on our local machines which are Windows 8 and above, by going to task manager and locating the application and right clicking and then choosing "minimize". however when we are trying to do the same in windows 7 its not working . we also tried

    Windows Key + D option
    Windows Key+ M option
    Windows Key +Shift+ M option
    Windows Key + Down-Arrow
    Show desktop icon on the Systray on taskbar.
    Murphy law comes into play, and even though task manager has that option to "minimize" but for whatever reason the application is not getting minimized and we keep seeing "Saving ... 100%" glaring in middle of the screen.

    This is a burning situation for us so calling out for help

    -Do you have any idea on why in Windows 7 its not minimizing or how we can make it happen, by some other route.
    04-05-2017 01:03 AM

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