[BUG][SOLVED... kinda] Auto zooming/scaling/magnifying content in active window in Windows 10

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Apr 26, 2014
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[UPDATE; SOLVED] Turns out I had to boot it in Safe mode with networking, work for a bit, then shut it down, boot it again and then restarted in Normal mode. Everything is back to normal now. No bug. Dunno if this can be categorized as a solution, but it doesn't hurt if anyone have the same problem to try this.

I have a strange problem, that happened few days ago on my Acer lap top running Windows 10 Professional.
It's going to be a long text cuz i want to present you the bug in full state, so bare with me.
Here is what I notice so far:
  • I use the old Windows Photo Viewer to look my pictures. I don't use Photos cuz my lap top is old and it took 10 seconds to open a picture, with WPV is instant. Anyway, first I notice the problem here. Whenever i mouse-over of the picture, the picture zooms to maximum in a second, if in the middle of zooming i get away the mouse pointer from the picture down to task bar or up to status bar, the zooming stops, if i go back with the mouse pointer over the picture (not clicking anything) picture continues to zoom to max. It's the same happening if i see the picture in Windows 10 Photos app.
  • Other thing I notice is whether is in web browser (Edge, Opera, Firefox or Chrome) or in Windows File Explorer if there is scrollable contents i can't scroll down, whether is with the mouse or touchpad, the scroll bar automatically goes up without touching it. I also notice is when I hold Shift key you can't scroll down with the mouse wheel but you can "jump" down by clicking with the mouse on the empty space of the scroll bar. The moment I release the Shift key, page goes up, to the top.
  • Third thing I notice is when I start the system when it comes to the login screen. Previously I just click any button on the keyboard and the password field shows. Now I actually when i click any key, the login screen just jumps a bit up and goes back. I have to long press any key so the login field shows where I can type my login password.
  • When i'm on my desktop where all the shortcuts are, if i press Ctrl key, the icons get bigger and bigger with every click on the Ctrl key.
  • I also notice yesterday that my screen doesn't turn off after 10 minutes like it's set to do.
So far this is all I find out or notice with this strange behavior, if I notice something else, I'll update the OP.
I am 90% sure that my 6 years old nephew has accidentally pressed some combination of keyboard keys, while watching his favorite cartoons on Youtube and caused this, but i just can't find what was it.

What i have tried so far:
  • I did check the Magnifying/Zooming/Scaling options in Windows Settings, I did tried everything there, but nothing worked.
  • I also tried with display settings, uninstalling/reinstalling mouse and touchpad drivers, the problem is still there.
  • I did fully scanned my lap top with anti adware/malware/rootkit programs like Malwarebytes and similar, I also clean it with CCleaner, fully scanned with my AntiVirus program (I have them all PRO versions, payed), but except what Malwarebytes found 5 bugs and correct them, others like my AV program have found nothing.
  • I also did the System File Checker thing from Powershell with the command sfc/ scannow, it did find one faulty file and correct it, but the problem or bug is still present.
I know that the simple factory reset of my Windows 10 will probably solve this problem, but I just want to see if we can isolate this bug and find a solution and help others if they have the same problem. I will really appreciate if some Windows 10 experts are here and help me with this. For others, before you run to answer me, read the whole post, I might already address that issue here. I am running out of ideas what to do, so any help is appreciated.
[Update] Guess booting in Safe Mode was the solution, lol.

Thank you all upfront!

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