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    Have a Lumia 635 and cant seem to get the people app working, ive tried facebook beta and the other facebook app, but neither of them make any difference They have been downloaded from the store app on the phone. Its running WP10 V1607, OS BUILD 10.0.14393.1198 could anyone give any ideas what to try
    05-28-2017 07:45 AM
  2. daveymoll's Avatar
    Could it be possible its the memory
    05-28-2017 11:42 AM
  3. nick popplewell's Avatar
    You haven't recently reset the phone have ya? Just saying because if you have then your acct isn't on the phone yet and their won't be any contacts show up,just an idea
    05-29-2017 02:05 AM
  4. daveymoll's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, I reset about a week ago, MS account is all set up contact and diary is there everything but the people app working. Ive downloaded both facebook versions just cant get the people app working prefer to use people app than facebook app. I have a 950 i broke the screen so until i get it repaired went back to my 635 The 950 people app worked great all the details are the same cant understand why it wont work
    Last edited by daveymoll; 05-29-2017 at 04:36 AM. Reason: spelling
    05-29-2017 04:35 AM
  5. nick popplewell's Avatar
    I can't either,try hard resetting it again
    05-29-2017 11:41 AM
  6. daveymoll's Avatar
    been fiddling about today with it and found following, removed the sd card uninstalled fb, re installed and the fb logo was the bigger normal looking one. As i was re installing it got half way through then stopped, on scrolling down the installation everything had a tick eg; correct version etc but x againt memory it was saying needed 2 gigg phone 1 gigg. Perhap this could be a clue not sure if it helps trying to avoid a hard reset if poss
    05-29-2017 02:38 PM

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