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    I have a Surface 3 and I am trying to set it back to factory for sale. I found a page on the Microsoft help that walks you through downloading and creating a USB boot drive. You start by download it onto a computer, I used the surface, and then creating the drive from the file. When I went to create the file it asked if I wanted to delete the partition I just created. The instructions didn't mention this so I agreed to deleting it. I follow the steps and everything went smoothly until it went to the actual reset. I get a percentage progress and it jumps from 1% to 81% immediately and tells me there are errors encountered and it cant proceed.

    I then tried to download the file onto my desktop as it would download quicker. I got the file and created the boot drive again. This time I never got the partition question. However going through the same process of taking the USB and plugging it into the surface I don't get as far. As soon as I click the option to reset it tells me it cant find the proper partition.... sounds familiar so I think I am doing something wrong here.

    I have researched and research and found someone getting the same message. They were advised to download the windows 10 reinstall tool which I also tried. When I went to repair it now has kicked me out to a bios screen I can progress past.

    Need some help on what to do as I've basically bricked this thing. I'm good enough with computers that if I have instructions I can follow them. I get stuck when I get an issue I don't know the right verbiage or vocabulary to search for. Thanks for any help.

    BTW the reason I am trying to sell the surface is because I bought a new Surface.
    08-10-2017 11:52 AM

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