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    I am new to OneDrive for Business. So I installed OneDriveSetup.exe on my W10 desktop, then logged into my MS account and selected to sync all files.
    I then create a Documents folder under OneDrive (business name).
    I upload 50MB or so of files to that, then copy (drag) a 1GB folder as a sub-folder of Documents. Windows Explorer > properties shows the OneDrive Documents sub-folder contains a bit over 1GB.

    But when I R click OneDrive or one of those sub-folders and select "choose OneDrive folders to sync", though sync all files and folders is chosen, down the bottom a message says 50MB selected.

    I then install OneDriveSetup.exe on my W7 notebook, and it only downloads the 50MB of files in the Documents folder, not those in the sub-folder.

    How do I get the sub-folders into "the cloud"and then sync-ed on both devices?
    Once I can get this working, I also want to sync some sub-folders on my Android phone.
    A further refinement would be to store folders on OneDrive in the cloud and only on the desktop.
    09-05-2017 08:14 AM

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