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    Hello everyone, I recently got hold a Elitedesk 800 G2 mini although I know I said I will be building solely AMD PCs going forward - which I am. There are two reasons why I bought it:

    1) This Elitedesk was already pre-built and it was crazy cheap in terms of price per spec. Primarily the RAM, it has 32 GB of ram = 16 GB SO-DIMM x2). each of these so-dimms cost anywhere between £130 to £170.

    That is the main reason I bought it (cost me sub £500 in total with a new HDD [1 TB - 2.5 inch Seagate = £33] and Wifi card), it works but it's not the WiFi model as such doesn't have the antenna at the back. I bought a Intel 8265 AC M.2 WiFi Nic for £20 off amazon, however I am in conundrum in what to do in regards to boosting the Wifi Signal.

    2) The customer has given me budget of £530 and that includes the monitor, keyboard + Mouse, a PC that has plenty of storage for 6 people and has to be bleeding fast.

    I am literally £4 in budget lol.

    Anyway my questions are:

    Has anyone tried to retro fit Hi-Gain Wifi Antennas into this Particular PC without any drastic case modding. If so what did you use?
    Has anyone tried to use internal antennas such as these
    If you did not use any antennas, then how did you boost the WiFi signal of the WiFi card?
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    Nevermind, found the maintenance manual and will be using external antennas.

    Page 41 in the manual - you can knock out the small circle covers to install external antennas.

    Closed thread - have solved my issue.
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    04-19-2018 04:40 PM

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