1. Neyney10's Avatar
    when I try to search for a street in Bing maps near my home with the format of [No.][Street Name][City Name][*Country]

    *isnt that much of an important input.

    it mostly dont recognize the street and show me the city only.[since like, ever]
    Today, there were 5 Minutes, which it actually recognized a street, so I tried different streets in the city, and Walla, it worked perfectly, But 5 mintues later, it returned to it older status.

    the wierd thing about it, its that when you Choose to pin a Point on the map manually, it shows you the street name and city name and even the code. Like, I live in Israel, so when I manually click on the map of Tel aviv and create a way point, if im using the same String it showed me, it wont work.
    for an instance - the String that I've got is "49 HaMasger Tel Aviv-Yafo *Some Area code* Israel" [ofc It gave it to me in Hebrew]
    so, when I copy paste it, it copy it as ""49 HaMasger Tel Aviv-Yafo" and when i paste it, it doesnt recognize it. it show me the Map of Tel Aviv in general.

    *Note- im using WP8.1 and im a Developer.
    *I tried to use the Desktop Bing maps, kinda same results, it shows on the search list, but when i click it, he cant recognize the place.
    Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions

    *it worked once for 5 mintues, tried multiple times...
    05-28-2014 08:20 AM
  2. FlawlessSayan's Avatar
    [CMD]Use HERE Maps. They make life hell lot easier[/CMD]
    05-29-2014 06:08 AM

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