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    Reaching out hoping someone might be able to shine some insight and provide a little help to another forum member.

    My grandma needs cell phone for just emergency purposes. Currently she is paying way to much at ATT post paid plan. We are trying to find a plan with taxes from 25-31 dollars. Usage doesn't need to be unlimited as she will only use the phone if she has an emergency. She is old school as many grandparents are and really only seeking to pay by mail via check. No autodrafts, and it can not be argued with her.. (whole family tried) I respect and understand her reasoning.

    Options Researched:
    ATT-Post paid plans cheapest is 45 dollars plus tax. All plans are now required to "have data". ATT pre paid is 33 dollars for nonsmartphone.
    TMobile- Postpaid plans for non smart phone cheapest is 50 bucks. (kind of crazy considering you can get a cheaper smartphone plan)
    Prepaid- But can't seem to find any info of what carriers still allow mail payments by check. I realize that places like cricket do allow payment by cash at their specified locations. However, I am not certain how "senior" friendly the experience is, and trying to keep her off the road as much as possible.

    At this point I'm just hoping to find a prepaid carrier that will accept check by mail. Anyone have any experience with this? Without the need to enter various calling card numbers and such to keep service enabled?

    Currently I have cricket and love it. I kept offering that I would just add her to my plan and she could pay me with a check. (she refused to do that, just like she refused to let me just pay for it). She is on a low fixed income, but not low enough to qualify for any of the government programs.

    Any thoughts or guidance for her and me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and happy holidays!
    12-25-2015 12:44 PM
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    12-25-2015 12:57 PM
  3. o1legacygt's Avatar
    huh? You can pay cricket by mail? If that is what you meant, would you mind sharing a bit more detail. Greatly appreciated.
    12-25-2015 01:15 PM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    How about GreatCall and an ACH setup?


    It is an auto-draft, but to the checking and she can cancel it with her bank at any time.
    12-28-2015 03:20 PM
  5. Ten Four's Avatar
    Simple answer--you pay for the service for her via credit card and have her send you a check once a month. Sending a check is no way to get phone service because it means basically that you need to go postpaid, which is almost always more expensive and complicated. Save money and hassle and go prepaid. Check out PureTalk running on AT&T. No additional taxes or fees, very reliable, good US-based customer service, free sim card to get started and/or a free flip phone I think. You can sometimes find the cards and phones at Sears stores now, though I order online and get them within a week. You set her up with the credit card, she sends the check to you once a month. Easy peasy.
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    12-28-2015 04:32 PM
  6. o1legacygt's Avatar
    Thank you all for a the response. I agree. She is going to either need to budge on the solution or she is out of luck and stuck paying a higher bill. Take care and thanks again! Happy New Year
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    01-01-2016 08:02 AM
  7. oviedofreak82's Avatar
    Try also SafeLink wireless. It's a free cell phone program to senior citizens on Medicare. It gives them 250 minutes a month free and 250 free text messages. HTH.
    01-01-2016 08:35 AM

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