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i realize this might be a very straight forward and beginner question but i cant' seem to find the definitive answer.

I work for an MSP and one of my client companies has a user that has filled up her default onedrive space.

She has a M365 business basic license so she has 1TB of cloud storage available. Now i'd like to expand that and give her an additional 1TB but i can't seem

to find a way to do it. Do i need to purchase additional onedrive storage via CSP first? If so which one exactly?

Thanks for any advice in advance

EDIT: i've tried doing it via GUI first by setting the default storage space to 5TB then manually changing the selected users storage quota but when i try to change it i get an error sayin "the 1024gb is the limit".
I've then tried doing it via powershell and when setting the storage quota of 5tb to the users onedrive url i get an error saying "This site has exceeded its maximum file storage limit. To free up space, delete files you dont need and empty the recycle bin"

For what its worth the rented sharepoint space is at its limit but i thought that onedrive and sharepoint arent connected so it shouldnt be a problem?

EDIT2: for what its worth the tenant has about 400ish users and a lot of licenses so it definitely exceeds the MS limit of at least 5 licensed users for the 5tb upgrade

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