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    It kinda of blows. I got it off Amazon for 5.99. I said what the heck since it was fufilled from Amazon, I could use my Prime membership to get it quickly. Arrived today (yes, on Sunday, which was a first).

    Clarity seems decent.
    Feel is nice and smooth.

    Tabs that you peel back are on the wrong end, so you have to align from the bottom instead of the top. Since the protector is cut short due to the curved glass, there is really nothing to align it to in order to make sure that the cut for the speaker and cam is going to be right.

    Even with the protector cut small, it leaves a border around the entire protector where it does not stick.

    Even though it came with 3 protectors, I dont see a need to try the other ones out. I'll try and send it back. I have a wrapsol protector already on the way. Hopefully that one fairs better.
    12-02-2012 03:48 PM

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