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Oct 29, 2017
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I first learned about liquid glass from a Verizon store rep–I'm not with Verizon, but was in-store looking at Pixel 2. I have since bought the Pixel 2, which is due to arrive tomorrow, and I was really thinking about going with liquid glass screen protection even though I hadn't done a lot of research yet. So I started looking reviews last night and I ran across a lot of negative reviews. –If you scroll to the bottom of this link you can see the gist of much of the info that I found.

Will it crack? Testing the Qmadix Liquid Glass screen protector

So then I decided that this wasn't for me. But today I read this wonderful review and now I'm confused.

From the comments in the above thread, it looks like it has caused worse problems than these phones would have experienced otherwise.

Have all of you that bought this product experienced the same great experiences as the OP? –And by the way, thanks OP for your very detailed review of the product.


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Nov 12, 2012
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So then I decided that this wasn't for me. But today I read this wonderful review and now I'm confused.

Thanks for the kind words.

I think this product is for those who exercise normal care with their devices as opposed to those who are more... casual in their behaviors.

It is important to note that any fall can damage a phone no matter from how small a height. Just as phones have been known to survive what is surely thought in the moment to be horrendous, yet the phone escapes unscathed.

For me it has been a trade off of superior protection (case and tempered glass) for reassurance while using the device naked so that it looks better and pockets better. But I also try to take care with my devices.

I've used Liquid Glass on the Alcatel shown in this review, but also many other devices including Lumia 1020, Sony Xperia X, Band 2, watches and the screen of my current 2-in-1. I've yet to experience a problem. It might be the care I exercise anyway, but the minor mishaps we all have happen to me along the way as well.

The only reason I haven't used it on the screen of my Lumia 950 is that I went with a matte protector for better sunlight viewability as the primary duty for the device is a camera and take many shots outdoors in full sunlight.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes if you do take the plunge.

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