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    I was in the market for a mouse to use with my Tablet, and by going Bluetooth mouse I now have the added bonus of a mouse that works with my phone as well.

    It works well in all the apps I tested ( Word, Candy Crush Jelly, Edge, ect. ), but most impressed that it works in the phone's UI as well. It can hide the task bar, scroll the main page and apps list, basically giving the feel of working on your PC.

    So now added with my Logitech K480 BT Keyboard my 5.7" 640 XL has truly become a laptop that can do almost everything a lower price laptop can do.

    If your a student on a budget and have a PC in your room, and just can't pull the trigger on a laptop...this could let you take notes in class and do most tasks mobile and the bulk in your room.
    For myself this gives me endless options now to use either tablet or phone, and if Alcatel ever does release the Pixi 3 (8) Win10Mo Tablet/Phone I'm there in a heartbeat to buy !!!!!!!!
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    06-11-2016 06:10 AM

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