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    Hi all ,

    Finally i fixed the microsoft band spleeping overview bug and the 0h0m0s bug.

    First i want to say that i am from The Netherlands and using my Lumia 1520 in English United States Language and Region , this because Cortana & quiet hours won't work
    So finally is intalled the Microsoft Band & Health app on my Microsoft Mobile Lumia 1520.
    All went great , all option worked ....only one thing went wrong.
    The first night i went to bed and activated the sleep quality option.
    Next morning i synced the Microsoft Band with my Microsoft Mobile Lumia 1520 ...so far so good...

    But when i pressed the "Actual sleep" button in the Microsoft health app the app itself crashed.....AHHHH.
    So i installed the Microsoft health app on my Samsung Ativ S and HTC 8S .... same results ..the app itself crashed again and again...
    So i took my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite ...installed the Microsoft health app APK and finally IT WORKED !!!
    On my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite I deleted all "wrong" settings under "Activity History" like Sleep for 0m0s

    On this point i knew that my Microsoft Band was OK !
    After speaking to Joe B on the Microsoft Band HELP and Support Chat yesterday and asking him when the Microsoft health app , he told me that the new app (updated app) will come in weeks.
    Ok but that did not resolve my issue. ;-(

    Ok this morning i factory default my Microsoft Band & Microsoft Mobile Lumia 1520.
    Now i did something strange...
    I set the Microsoft Mobile Lumia 1520 to :
    language : English United States
    region : United states
    regional format : match phone language

    thats NOT correct because i live in The Netherlands...;-)

    This did the trick
    All options are working now !

    I hope i helped you guys and dolls with my info
    see ya ....Michael
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    11-16-2014 06:19 AM

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