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Apr 5, 2014
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So last week I installed a 2nd NVMe M.2 drive into my HTPC in part due to the ever decreasing storage space that is happening with the games but also because the selected Samsung 970 PRO drive, to be added to the one already installed one, was on sale and I felt like "Yea... Why not?"

Running this setup in RAID-0 pretty much made a clean install of Windows 10 Professional a necessity ( after all the original content of the drive was lost during the initialization of the hardware raid on the Motherboard ).

So... After a bunch of reinstalls to get a perfect 200GB C:/ installation ( not some whacky 199.495GB because the other 505MB were stolen for the Recovery Partition ?????? ) I was finally sitting back in Win10 doing my usual thing with installing the remaining drivers and Apps in art using the Microsoft Store App which usually would have me open My Library > All owned waiting a second or so for the list of my Apps to be populated and ready itself for me to rapid-fire downloading the Apps of my choosing - Including stuff you cannot find on the store by simply searching it like the free HEVC Codec for Manufacturers.


( Owned Apps can still be searched and installed but they won't appear as a convenient list anymore )

This view, apparently, is now present on all my PCs ( 2x Desktops & 2x Surface Books - All running Win10Pro 2004 ) regardless of them having had a Win10 Reinstall or not so I went and contacted MS Support about it twice with both doing a Remote Connection to one of my PCs in attempts to reset my Store App or using a Local Account to no avail with the first CSR telling me to see if the problem persists after 24h and the second one forwarding his seniors information that this is working as intended "A clean install will wipe this list" - To which I asked how I'm supposed to get back to my App list where they then told me I could look it up in my purchase history - ON THE MICROSOFT STORE WEBPAGE.

I was told if I'm unhappy with this change I'd be able to leave a comment on the Feedback Hub ALSO confirming this being a change not just affecting me because of the many complaints regarding my issue I found there.

Like what the actual **** were they thinking!?

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