1. guinnsquirrel's Avatar
    Is there a way to get Continuum to work with Apple OSX devices?
    08-22-2016 02:41 AM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    Is there a way to get Continuum to work with Apple OSX devices?
    the screen maybe for a desktop pc but I don't think for laptops
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    08-22-2016 02:53 AM
  3. Alligator42's Avatar
    No, Continuum is a way to display Windows from your phone on a larger monitor. Since there isn't a display port or HDMI input on Apple devices, you can't use one as a display for your phone.
    08-22-2016 02:47 PM
  4. daimv's Avatar
    Of course not officialy as you know Apple hates standards. But maybe there is an app that can create a Miracast Server. For example "AirServer". I have it on Windows, and although the Wireless Display Adapter with a screen is better, it does work. I don't remember if Airsever has a Mac app, maybe they do! So check them out. Otherwise, there might be another one.
    09-14-2016 05:59 PM

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