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    A lot of people had, or are having, trouble with the latest release of Windows. I've had Windows 10 Pro installed on my 5830 for a couple months without any major issues once I got it working.

    I first tried the update from 8.1. This gave me multiple problems including stalling during update. It ended with having to restore back to 8.1 several times.

    I then opted for a clean install.

    Download Media Creations Tool
    Ensure you download Windows 10 32bit Pro
    Download the large .CAB file containing system drivers from Dell
    Download BIOS update from Dell
    Download Intel Update Utility for GFx and Chipset
    Download Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (DPTF) Driver

    I needed a OTG pigtail, powered USB hub, USB flash drive, keyboard and a mouse to complete the installation successfully.

    The reason you need the additional USB k/b and mouse is the touchscreen doesn't work during fresh install. A means to navigate is essential.

    I updated the BIOS first and disabled secured boot until i was finished completely.

    I bit the bullet, deleted all existing partitions on the internal storage, then created new partitions including one for system recovery. I didn't let Windows install updates during the process.

    After OS install, ensure all drivers are installed in device manager. They probably aren't so use drivers in .CAB file to fix this. Add legacy device & drivers if your device(s) is not in the list and go through the manual process of adding any missing devices.

    Uninstall the display driver, install intel detect and let it find latest display and chipset drivers.

    Install Framework driver last or after a reboot.

    Before playing on tablet, run Windows Update until there are no more updates.

    You can then free up a lot of drive space by running disk cleanup on c: in advanced mode.

    Then optimise drive with defrag, only takes seconds with ssd.

    Then i created my system recovery on the partition i created earlier.

    Win 10 works great. Once or twice I had black screen; hit power and home button together to wake, or ctrl alt del of you have k/b attached, then change power settings.

    I do not recommend Win Home or trying to install 64bit. I tried Home 32 and Pro 64 before Pro 32. Home 32 is what the creation tool got me automatically. I don't think BitLocker comes with Home and might lack a few more features. You will need a method of activation once you are done as it's a fresh installation. itRevive sells keys on their own or select your .alt method.

    I just wish to testify Win 10 performs very well and all the people on dozens of forums blaming Dell and Microsoft, well, i can sympathise. Dell should have teamed with Microsoft to make this a little easier. But it also makes sense to have people get mad and break their tablets then buy a new one.

    I can do the entire installation for you for 88.88GBP + p&p inc activate.
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