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    Looking to get a 10"+ tablet and have my eye on the Dell but was wondering if 64gb will be enough internal memory.

    I've owned a BlackBerry PlayBook and BB apps are not very large. My Android phone is only 16gb with a lot of apps and still plenty of room.

    Not sure what apps/programs on a Windows tablet I can install on a SD card. I have an Office subscription and don't know how much room I need for the program.

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    Difficult question to answer as it depends so much on your data needs and usage. You shouldn't have any problem with having enough capacity for all of your apps. And if data space becomes an issue just pop an SD card in. With Office and two users setup and a good amount of Store apps installed I have 35GB remaining on a new Venue 8. I've used a Clover Trail tablet with 64GB loaded up with a corporate image (lots of bloatware/security/management software) for many months and have 20GB free.

    When I talk about data I mean pictures, documents, music,etc... if becomes a constraint move the data to an SD card and problem is solved. Personally I consider 128GB just a luxury.
    12-15-2013 07:11 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I always keep my data on a SD card and in the cloud. I have 45gb of storage with Sky Drive and 12gb with Dropbox and I have other cloud accounts.

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    If the tablet is intended as a companion device, even 32GB would likely be sufficient. On the other hand, if it will be replacing a laptop as a primary, portable computing device, even 64GB may not be enough.
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    12-15-2013 09:16 PM
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    You have to think about what apps you are wanting to install and what apps you should install. The quad-core atom is fast and the 10.8" screen is awesome; but it's not exactly a full i-core 15" notebook or something. I could fill up just about any size drive. But with something like this, I'm going to be limiting it to smaller sized apps like VLC, Skype, Chrome, Dropbox, and several relatively small Metro apps/games.

    You know, things best suited to the screen and performance of the tablet. I've still got plenty of free space, leaving my 64GB MicroSD and ext 1TB HD for just pure media store (videos, music, etc). Basically the more powerful the device, the more storage (and screen size) I tend to need.
    12-17-2013 04:38 PM
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    I know it has been a long time. But have you bought the Pro? 64GB should be fine. Specially if you utilize the sd card.
    03-04-2014 08:26 PM

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