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    Hey all,
    I am having a problem with my voicemail notifications. I never really noticed it until I started getting a lot of voicemails now... The only way I can check my voice mail is by holding down 1. They are never pushed to my phone and when someone leaves me one, I never know unless I call my number...

    I was once asked to enter my voice mail password, and when I do and scroll over to voicemail, I get an Error saying Can't Connect to visual voicemail. Then when I go to the phone setting, all that's listed is Traditional Voicemail - Call.

    Any support/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    16gig DVP on AT&T

    Edit: Fixed, Stopped by AT&T and they told me my data plan was still listed for the iPhone. They were impressed with the DVP, The rep never saw one :)
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