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    I haven't seen this mentioned yet so I may be the only one. Everytime I reconnect to the redfly after my first connection (following a soft reset), my softkey background color goes to light grey with white softkey text. Impossible to read. This is on the redfly. A soft reset fixes it for one connection. I've tried multiple themes and it still happens. Anyone else?

    I'm using a Palm Treo 800w. I haven't tried a hard reset yet...that's a last resort. Not running many 3rd party apps other than Opera 8.65 these days.
    10-29-2008 01:07 AM
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    This seems like the same issue that was discussed here:


    I am also having the exact same issue but I have not discovered a solution. It's getting very annoying and I hope Redfly releases an update that fixes this.
    10-29-2008 03:21 AM
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    Thanks - seems that thread doesn't exist on TC which is why I didn't find it here. Soft resetting the phone sort of kills the "instant-on" feature of the Redfly...making it feel a lot more like just using a laptop. *sigh*

    I almost always connect over bluetooth; I haven't use USB much to see if it makes a difference, but from your detailed post on 8/11 it sounds like that might help.

    Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)
    10-29-2008 09:58 AM
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    Yeah, itís an annoying and very random bug. Some phones are worse than others.

    A hard reset will not help so donít waste your time on that.

    So far the best fix on most phone models is to do a soft reset then right after the phone boots and you can see the Today Screen, connect the phone to REDFLY over USB or Bluetooth. You may have to try it a few times. Once you get the normal menu bars back, you usually can keep them displaying just fine even after multiple connect/disconnects to REDFLY or turning the phone on or off.

    However, almost without fail over time and out-of-the-blue, the washed out lower menu bar will return. Sometimes it will return to normal on its own after a while (and a few connect/disconnect cycles), but usually youíll have to do the soft reset thing again.

    Weíve spent a lot of time looking at the issue and without trying to pass the buck, we really think weíve found a bug in Windows Mobile that so far hasnít been detected since no other device asks the OS to switch resolutions on-the-fly. It has something to do with certain background processes being called before the REDFLY has a chance to connect after the phone boots.

    Iíll keep you updated on anything we find out as weíre still researching it on our end.

    Let's try to keep the topic off this thread and on this one that I'll update with any news.
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    10-29-2008 02:24 PM