1. Velvis's Avatar
    Any ideas why the Start menu text is inversed on the Redfly? Normally my start menu is dark with white text. On the Redfly the menu is white, but the text is inversed with a dark background and white text.

    Might just be a tsk thing, but I cant seem to find one that works well.

    10-10-2009 08:48 PM
  2. jwebb56's Avatar
    Never heard or experienced that issue. The bottom soft key menu is known to wash out (i.e., light gray color with white text) occasionally. Redfly has never been able to solve that one yet. You'll need one of Celio's forum monitors to weigh in I think but they will need to know your phone, the driver version you are using and the Redfly model (at a minimum). to even start to troubleshoot.
    10-11-2009 10:27 PM
  3. laurieny's Avatar
    Wow, we do have some of you really well trained. ;-)

    But seriously, jwebb is exactly right. I have not seen a report of Start menu behavior like you describe, but if you could send an email to support@celiocorp.com with the specific details he mentions, we will see what we can do to replicate and resolve that problem.

    BTW, the grey bar issue is inherently an OS issue to which we have never been able to find a successful "workaround" for - though our developers spent a significant amount of time trying to do so. The good news is that Microsoft fixed the root issue and with the 6.5 builds the famous "grey bar" issue is no more!


    Director of Engineering
    Celio Corp | REDFLY
    10-11-2009 11:24 PM