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    I'm looking for 3 Beta testers per country since this app will be available worldwide in English and in the next release will also contain native languages for probably 5 different countries, Being English (confirmed), Dutch(confirmed), Spanish, Russian and German.

    The app Plastics will be an advanced app for loyalty cards to free up your wallet:

    the app will contain the following features:

    - New Breathtaking UI
    - Scanning Cards with the following Format (EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODE39)
    - Barcode advanced show modes including the card itself
    - Making backups to and from Skydrive and Dropbox (latter, will probably be in future release)
    - Smart Capture
    - And more features!!

    The app is still in Alpha and expected to be released as Beta within 2 weeks, where i will be needing people from across the world to get out any bugs and features that we might be missing, which are necessary before the Release Candidate version is out.

    Anybody interested in this, please contact us at ssdeveloper84@gmail.com
    Not everyone will be chosen, because of the 3 person limit per country.
    It's an added bonus if you happen to have allot of royalty cards. that way you can help us improve the recognition limitations that might appear because countries use different Bar code formats and some might not get recognized.

    P.S Remember, that this won't be the place to store important cards like creditcard info and other stuff. That might be the case in later versions where high end encryption comes into place, but not for the first release anyway, and maybe not ever
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