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    Hey guys!

    MyTube is a new YouTube app where you never have to stop your current video to read comments or browse other videos. The video remains visible beneath the UI, and at any moment you can hide the UI and switch to fullscreen without any hassle.

    I'm not only looking for testers to report bugs and crashes, it would be awesome if you told me what you don't like, and what you would like to see added :) Together we can make this app absolutely amazing, and turn it into the best YouTube app in the Store!

    PM your Microsoft emails, or email it to me at RykenProductions@outlook.com and include "myTube Beta Test" in the subject. Please include your phone number in the email if you want to use the rooms feature.

    With the built in Rooms feature on Windows Phone, we could collaborate in the group chat, share, discuss ideas, and decide about your great ideas. Post screenshots to the Room when you find something wrong with the app, and other neat stuff :) It'll be soooo much better than boring old email, though we could still do that if you want.

    Besides, I'm sure not too many of you have had a chance to test out Rooms so this would be a good chance to do so, am I right? :)

    - The beta is only for WP8 right now. If you have a WP7 phone and would like to join the beta, just message me using one of the methods above and let me know you have a WP7 device, and I will upload that version. Please note that the WP7 version might not be released due to serious performance issues with playing a video and showing the entire UI simultaneously.

    - If you have an HTC 8S, Lumia 620, or any other 1GHz 512MB WP8 device, that would be extremely helpful as I am unable to test how the app runs on those devices.

    - If you are a developer of another YouTube app for WP, it would be pretty mean if you apply :)

    Cheers guys!
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