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    Hi everyone

    You can register at Tabloid Beta Opt In

    Screenshots of the current state of Tabloid can be found at Imgur - Tabloid Pre-Release - Album on Imgur

    I'm going to be taking in registrations to test for people to test the Tabloid news reader.

    Simply enter your email etc. and once confirmed I'll update the application beta list with your email address. I'll email you telling you that you're ready to download the application.

    All updates will be made through the application - you can also log errors on Uservoice https://tabloid.uservoice.com

    Finally - this beta will work in a slightly different way - the application is only 30% complete but I'll be releasing constant updates as I make major changes to functionality etc. This will allow you guys to help me iron out bugs for new features. Consider it more of an alpha stage nightly opt in.

    You can register at Tabloid Beta Opt In

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    08-06-2015 04:24 AM

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