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    Car Scanner was released!
    Download at Windows phone store:
    Car Scanner discussion at Windows Central:

    Hello guys!
    If you have a car, you might have heard about "OBD2" interface and ELM327 bluetooth dongles?
    So if U have one, you should have known that there are lots of cool and free software for android.
    But what about Windows Phone? There are lot's of apps in market if we use keywords like "OBD2" or "ELM327", but if U download that app, U'll see a message "give us money for any feature, othen then displaying engine RPM".

    I'm developing my own software for Bluetooth - OBD2 dongles for Windows Phone (and Windows PC) and I'm going to make it free without feature limitations.
    But, I need to test it first with as many cars, as it ony possible.

    So, I need testers, who has cars, Bluetooth ELM327 dongles (even bought on ebay/aliexpress/etc).

    That's the starting sreen:

    My app is in beta-state now and there are lot's of things to be done, but here are main working modes:
    1) Live data - you can see real time data from your car in a chart. Up to 4 charts on a screen.
    2) Dashboard mode - fully configurable dashboard, that you can customise as U want. Add as much data indicators as U need. Just like as on Torque for Android.
    At the moment there are 3 types of indicators: gauge, chart and text.
    3) Diagnostic trouble code reader/eraser
    4) Freeze-Frame reader: you can read data, that was saved by your car at the moment when DTC was registered.
    5) Acceleration time / brake time / brake distance measure - U always want to know how fast is your car ;)
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