1. darknoob's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    I'm new to this forum and to WP 8. I used to be iPhone user for more than three years , but now I want start to develop apps for mobile and I chose WP8 because I studied C#. But doesnt really made apps before.

    So I have some questions before I begin:
    1.What is XAML?
    2. I know the basics of C#. Is it will be enough?
    3. Additionally I want to order a book of WP8. I saw 3 .
    *Windows Phone 8 Development Internals

    *Essential Windows Phone 8 (2nd Edition) (Microsoft Windows

    Development Series
    *Windows Phone 8 unleashed.
    What will be better for beginner?

    Also is there something else I need to know about WP8?

    Thanks in advance!
    04-30-2013 04:20 AM
  2. Me gusta l920's Avatar
    i am also a new dev bro(or going to be) actually i am still learning c# now....so i am sure we can help each other out in the upcoming future ...for now i cant
    04-30-2013 07:16 AM
  3. Kevin N Smith's Avatar

    Think of C# as the back-end (events that occur on a tap of a button, things that load up when the app opens)

    Think of XAML as the designer, but made into code. There's really no need for it up until runtime, because you can just use the drag-n-drop editor, much easier and less error prone.


    What type of app are you making?
    04-30-2013 07:26 AM
  4. darknoob's Avatar
    hey intigator,
    I dont have an idea specific app for now. I just want to learn the language and the WP8 system, and then starting from develop basic apps to more advanced apps.
    04-30-2013 09:40 AM
  5. Kevin N Smith's Avatar
    I asked because if your making a calculator or something, yes the basics are enough. If you're using APIs, speech, etc then no.
    05-01-2013 08:10 PM
  6. darknoob's Avatar
    So what do you advise? And which books are recommanded for wp8 and advanced c#?
    05-01-2013 11:20 PM

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