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    hi guys, im a telematic engineering student, im from of dominican republic, i want to develop a app with the microsft band, i want to measure temperature an another vitals constant, i woul like to know, lenguage of programing, for android, windows phone and iphone, how i get the information, how i can move the information, how i transmit the information from the band to the cell, any answer?
    06-26-2015 11:55 AM
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    Hi. Welcome to Windows Central. I invite you to first register and head over to the Developers Corner section of our forums. Secondly, I invite you to check Microsoft's Developer Network (MSDN) for more detailed and in-depth information regarding developing for Microsoft's platforms.

    Key starting points include:
    64 bit computer

    64 bit copy of Windows 8.1

    Visual Studio Community 2014

    Absolute Beginners Guide to Developing Apps for WP 8.1 (search result)

    I suggest starting with the C# language if you develop for anything Windows. As for Android and iOS, I can only suggest you visit the sister sites for Windows Central; iMore for iPhone development, and Android Central for Android development. Good luck and hope this helps!

    Pro tip: If you register here, your same login works on all three sites. ;)

    **EDIT** Also, if you have an Android or Windows Phone, check out the app TouchDevelop. It's a programming environment that utilizes your phones hardware to make some nifty apps. There's a free eBook on the Kindle store for it too called TouchDevelop: Programming on the go, An experts voice.
    06-26-2015 12:14 PM

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