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  1. HomeBound12's Avatar
    I need help with lost echo adventure.

    I completed a computer mini game (only one thou, the one where you put together 3 pictures from pieces, was never given an option to do the other one...)

    Anyhow, now I'm supposed to go talk to Tom twice but that always ends with "talk to you later".
    After that I'm supposed to go back home and use surgery kit that I don't have in inventory.

    Needless to say I'm stuck no matter what I do.
    (I read the walktrough not having any other choice... sorry...)

    How do I start 2nd mini game?
    How do I get Tom to talk to me?
    (I tried showing him re-constructed pic but that didn't help... I also tried talking and showing picture to ice cream seller again... no progres...)
    Where do I get the surgery kit?


    Never mind I figured it out... I had to go back to informant and do the video again... defenetly a bug but I got it... Sorry to bother you folk. Mods you can delete this thread.
    Last edited by HomeBound12; 06-20-2014 at 12:18 PM. Reason: Figured it out...
    06-20-2014 09:11 AM

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