1. StoneRyno's Avatar
    So the DV port on my asus eee pc 1005peb is failing, and got the idea from android central to look into tablet and tablet hybrids. I kind of like the idea of having a hybrid for both the netbook kind of experience combined with a tablet experience. I'm having trouble discovering what my brands and model options are for that type of device. I'm concerned from what little I have seen so far I'm going to be against a cost prohibitive wall compared to spending $100 to have the port replaced. I'm one to figure if I'm going to toss that kind of cash into a repair I might as well consider replacing it with something else instead of doing the repair.

    For my desktop PC I hesitant on going to windows 8 because of a lot of negative stuff I've heard but at the same time I hear good stuff about it too. But when it comes to a portable device like my netbook and a tablet. I think hm windows 8 (not RT) sounds like it would be a good fit since it is designed for both traditional mouse and keyboard input and touchscreen input. Plus I would like to retain the software I use on my netbook to use on whatever replaces it. Something I can't do with my current HP touchpad with webOS and android (CM9) on it. I tried using both as a replacement for my netbook but in the end there were just too many things I didn't like about that. I let my dad take my netbook out of town with him for about 2 month and was trying to use the touchpad as a replacement. I was glad to have my netbook back to use it again.

    Help me discover devices that may be best for me. Thanks
    01-15-2013 04:15 PM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. What would be the price range you are looking at?
    01-15-2013 04:49 PM
  3. StoneRyno's Avatar
    I'm thinking if I were to have to replace my netbook in the next 2-3 months $300-400. If longer than that Up to $500 or so. I don't think I can justify spending too much more than that. When I saw a few for $1,000+ I was like what are they crazy? I'm a bit flexible on price depending on what I'm getting for the price and also time elapsed to make sure I have the funds to expend on it. I can go a time without the netbook if needed to make that happen if the price is justified.
    01-15-2013 07:51 PM
  4. 12Danny123's Avatar
    For what you want I recommend a Atom tablet. maybe the Acer Iconia w510. pretty cheap if you buy It on Ebay. my friend has one and he loves it. the battery life is pretty good. and he loves using his existing programs on his tablet and he recently threw out his ipad and his laptop. he still has his Win 8 desktop. But I think you'll be pretty happy with it
    01-15-2013 08:18 PM
  5. Ridemyscooter86's Avatar
    yeah, I agree with danny, the w510 is excellent for the price. At the moment the 32 gb model is 499$ but I remember it going for 399$ over the holiday. I bought an HP envy x2 and while its a little expensive, I went with it over the w510 because of the overall build quality and the keyboard, other wise, I like the size of the w510 a little better. The w510 is an excellent product and it was hard for me to choose between the two.
    01-15-2013 10:56 PM
  6. StoneRyno's Avatar
    the w700 looks like a nice one as well. All three of those will need me to save for them so in the near future they may go down in price. Definitely tough to decide between them at the moment. I'll have to give it a lot of thought and whatnot and see if anyone else replies to the thread as well.
    01-16-2013 10:19 PM

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