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    Samsung has a couple of m.2 on market. I'm building a z97 msi brand, and want to load nvme m.2 as my os. I have installed os before, read a quide on nvme by Intel, but I have a couple of different m.2 sticks.
    I rather cheap out for the Samsung pm951 128gb. But I hear the cache is small and write times are low. But is write times that important since I'm only booting an os. On the other hand they have a sm951 in both nvme and ahci. They are more expensive, and the pm951 is nvme as well. I'm just trying to find why so many variables.
    12-24-2015 06:30 AM
  2. TechFreak1's Avatar
    To be honest, it only would make a difference if you are transferring large files back and forth (real world usage).

    Otherwise not really, the differences in terms of real world usage it is pretty inconceivable unless your testing in a lab environment with monitored variables.

    Unless the raw numbers matter to you - bragging right per se - then yeah go for the expensive stuff.

    Otherwise really, why bother?

    If a component does the job, is extremely reliable and cheap then that's a win all around in my book. As that allows you to allocate more on the important components like the GPU, CPU and PSU.
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    12-26-2015 05:10 AM
  3. ryansmoke91's Avatar
    Well it's only 100 dollars on eBay, Windows can boot on it. I was under the impression that nvme is above 6gb/s. And the os has to link with cpu, so the m.2 is supposed to make a closer, faster interface. I watched pc's boot up in under five seconds. I was only going to worry about buying one of those and two four terabyte Hdds. Save money for external ssds later after the pc is built for games. My computer has four front USB 3.0s.
    12-26-2015 07:41 AM

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