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    I have been using PayPal on line since it was run on Stone Knives and Bearskins, so I was really happy to see it finally come to WinPhone. Regrettably, there is at least one "Bug" preventing me from using it.

    The entry field for your account-associated email has a limit to the number of characters allowed in your email address. This limitation is not found in various of their on-line forms, nor is it an issue for any other App I have encountered on WinPhone.

    For all I know there is also a limitation on the length of your Password too, which would make the use do of a suitably long and secure password be problematic.

    I'd like to be able to tell you this is the only issue I have with the App, but since I can't LogIn, I can't run the App, so I can't say.

    I would hope that PayPal will fix this issue soon.
    09-20-2012 12:44 PM

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