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    I'm not sure if such a thing can exist in the way I desire it, but I'm looking for an RSS reader that uses push notifications, rather than a background task, to update a Live Tile. I've got a Lumia 610, which is why I ask for such a app. It's actually quite liberating to be able to ask the question, because since I got the phone a few days ago I've been trying to figure out why the RSS readers I have been using don't automatically update live tiles.

    I know the push notifications works brilliantly for telling me the number of emails I have, if there is a Twitter post of a type I have subscribed to etc. Can they be used to transmit full headlines? If yes, which app out there does it this way (don't mind paying). And why doesn't the Marketplace have a way to allow me to filter such apps, considering they're the only ones that work fully on my phone? If they did that, might encourage devs to support the standard rather than taking the cheaper, dirty option.
    11-30-2012 04:29 AM

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