PC can't upgrade to W11? It doesn't matter!


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Jun 26, 2019
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Any new version of an OS brings with it new sets of APIs and UI design elements, but they also support backward compatibility. That means, any application designed for previous version of Windows will continue to run on it, but any applications designed for the new OS will not work on older OS versions.

Hence, this is not an issue if the newer version of OS doesn't offer any significant benefit or change as compared to older versions as most of apps would be designed considering backward compatibility in mind. This is what is happening with Android. And this is what was happening for Windows from XP to Win 7.

However, if a version of OS 'reboots' due to change in its core components such as kernels, significant UI design or policies, the newer applications designed for that version would offer significant benefits that the developers cannot ignore. This then forces consumers to upgrade their OS or even hardware if required. This is what happened with Windows 10. It was fast, secure and had a modern UI.

Windows 11 can be considered as a small incremental upgrade over Windows 10. And then there is 'Project Reunion' aka 'Windows App SDK' that decouples app development from the OS. It's difficult to say exactly how that will work until I have a go at it, but from the demo, it's clear that applications made for Windows 11 (with features like rounded edges) can run on Windows 10 version 1803 and above. In addition, the new app store can be accessed from Windows 10!

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Personally, I think Windows 10 UI with Live Tile support is way better than Windows 11 UI.

And with Windows 10 security updates till 2025, it's a win-win situation for Windows 10 users who cannot upgrade to Windows 11.

I remember when I bought a PC in my college, it had Win XP. Then Microsoft came up with Windows Vista followed by Windows 7, but I never felt any limitation with Windows XP!.

The important thing to consider is for how long the OS would be supported with security updates and applications, and that is all that matters!
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May 17, 2020
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I always considered winme, vista, win8 were throwaway operating systems. They forced users to upgrade their computers. They were each on a different level when it comes to supporting hardware. Then when the next os was released, it was basically smooth sailing for most users since they already upgraded. Based on what I have been reading I am beginning to wonder if win11 will join the most hated operating system ranks.


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Apr 2, 2017
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Most users have to switch something on in their bios, to be compatible, but unless your PC is quite old, generally, it will be.

There will always be people that stay behind, and that's fine. Most apps will stay compatible until there's an update that is useful dependency, as you say, and then the old windows will cease to run certain apps.

I think with windows 10, that came about half way through (after a few years). So windows 10 will likely run all the apps for at least a couple more years, in all likelihood.

The only windows I really hated was windows 8, and there were some things about that I liked, it was just half baked. Vista and 7 really weren't that different IMO.

Personally I'm all for all the UI changes and system changes on 11, just I was all for all the UI changes on 10. Just how I roll. When 10 came along, I was like 'let me at it', and I've enjoyed it thoroughly the whole time. Many other users started skeptical and were reluctantly forced to adapt never really appreciating any of the UI advancements in 10.

I've been clamouring for windows to get more touch friendly for eg, the tablet experience is wildly subpar. Live tiles are an inconsistent broken mess, so why continue the charade. Widgits is my only 'eh' thought so far. If it's like what we have now, it's too limited in terms of what media you can add. I want my own sources.

Ofc, YMMV, and I totally did not like windows 8, so if that's you with windows 11, by all means, stay on 10, or even upgrade to 11, and have a third party app adapt the UI.


May 15, 2013
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After watching the W11 dev stream, finally got round to it today :grincry:. I have to say I am liking what I am seeing in regards to making it more simple and easy to update current Windows apps to target Win 11.

The only one element which most people will probably care about is Directstorage - if that is solely locked to W11 then expect alot more hulabaloo on that front.

According to the dev stream, DirectStorage will be supported on PCI-E 3.0 as a base level - so best grab an 1TB PCI-E 3.0 NVME while they're cheap (relevatively speaking in terms of GBP, Euros and Dollars) as no doubt those damned scalpers will hog those too when DirectStorage becomes more widely known.

The fact that the new store is coming to W10 is a no brainer for Microsoft.

I do hope Steam + other PC clients come to the Windows store and evolves to include cross save with other PC clients (Epic, Origin, Ubisoft's etc), xbox, even playstation with via PSNow and Nintendo as that would be a massive win for everyone.

It would truly enable freedom of game play as your save would follow you regardless of platform.

However, what I didn't hear about was any improvements or changes to the support and publishing process so that needs to be monitored to see if devs are still having issues with app and update submissions + visibility.
Jun 9, 2021
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I didn't find any big changes except UI change which is accessible in windows 10 also and other small features which i think are all accessible in windows 10. Anyways windows 11 will be a new experience...

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