04-09-2014 06:19 PM
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  1. KLinCHI's Avatar
    Motorola StarTac
    +1!!! I once dropped my StarTac while entering a NYC subway and the phone survived. Only damage was a deep scuff on the corner where the phone initially landed, before tumbling all the way down the flight of concrete steps. I miss the days when phone were built to withstand clumsy hands.
    12-14-2012 12:44 PM
  2. wamsille's Avatar
    Believe it or not, I still have fond memories of my Palm Centro. Perfect shape, good os (for the day), durable. Of course, now it's the 822.
    I agree. It may have been horribly dated for its time but the massive catalog of applications that still worked for it made it an excellent purchase.

    You must be joking. Storm I was the biggest piece of garbage BB ever made. Ever. I've always been a BB fan, but no fan can ever defend that phone.
    My wife went through no less than five Storms and eventually was upgraded to the Storm 2. It is truly a piece of ****.

    From a call quality, reception, and battery life point of view, it was my TDMA Nokia 5165 and my GSM Nokia 6230. They were totally indestructible and the battery lasted an easy 5 days.

    Other than that any phone that I own at that point in time, is the best one I ever had, so I would say the Lumia 820, closely followed by the 900
    I had a 5120, 8260, 3360, 7160 and went back to the 3360. Those phones were just awesome. (And durable)

    My Palm Pre. The OS was the best, and the shape and size were perfect. Like every review at the time said, it just felt great in your hand with its curved shape. The notifications were great, and somehow being able to just slide it open to answer a call was faster and easier. More graceful somehow. That falls under "tiny conveniences that make life better" for sure. So did being able to look into the top of my purse in a meeting, and confirm from the slider at the top that it was muted. There's a lot to be said for hardware over software for things like that.

    I've had three phones since, and it still sits on its charger on my desk at home, telling me the time and checking my e-mail over WiFi.

    Yes - I sit in front of a powerful desktop computer, and use the buzz of my Pre to tell me when I have new mail. And its notification system was so great, that a quick glance over at it continues to be the best way to know if I want to interrupt what I'm doing to read said e-mail.

    My 8x is my first Windows phone, and it comes CLOSE to working with me as well as the Pre did, but it's not there yet.
    I really wish the Pre would have taken off. I also wish Verizon would have marketed it more than a smartphone perfect for moms. The Pre was very enjoyable to use and quite a pocketable device. The OS had a nice modern appearance to it and just worked. Really, the Pre out of the box just worked. No issues.
    12-14-2012 04:21 PM
  3. snowmutt's Avatar
    This is a fun thread!!!

    My favorite phone- not the toughest, not the most advanced, not the most popular as I never saw anyone else with one- was my feature phone Motorola Karma QA1. A portrait slider that just was a tough little guy with a wide body which gave the keyboard a little more room. I just LOVED that phone.

    My BlackBerry Curve 8900 had the best reception EVER. Clear as a bell. Fantastic keyboard.

    But I am onboard with a ton of other users here: Palm Pre Plus,WebOS, portrait slider, great email notifications, best multi-tasking bar none, portrait slider, good sliding mech...... moment of silence please......

    Worst phone ever? No question at all: The Samsung Blackjack with Windows Mobile. Piece of Holy Terror that one. It basically had three modes of operation: 1) Freezing 2) froze 3) Off. That thing scared me back to feature phones and ALMOST had me cross off WP7 just out of spite. LG VU Plus was a close second.
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    12-14-2012 04:43 PM
  4. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more. If Palm/HP would have put webOS into some serious hardware, Android and iOS would be novelty items. Sales didn't justify expanding the line or apps being created but it was a catch-22, garbage hardware meant lower sales. Duh! Real marketing geniuses over there in Sunnyvale.
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    12-15-2012 04:12 PM
  5. Captian4Phones's Avatar
    The best phone Ive ever used is my Motorola Atrix 2. My call quality is phenomenal battery life is second only to my iPhone 3GS. I love the UI build. The only complaint I have is that its lacking 4GLTE connectivity. Cant decide what I want to get for my new phone though. Im kinda leaning towards a WP8 device or the Galaxy Note 2.
    12-15-2012 09:32 PM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    The best phone Ive ever used is my Motorola Atrix 2. My call quality is phenomenal battery life is second only to my iPhone 3GS. I love the UI build. The only complaint I have is that its lacking 4GLTE connectivity. Cant decide what I want to get for my new phone though. Im kinda leaning towards a WP8 device or the Galaxy Note 2.
    You already know what we're gonna say here... what are some things you want to do with your device?
    12-16-2012 05:48 PM
  7. 920Walker's Avatar
    Sony Ericsson w810i. Still running to this day, use it as a camera and music player when kayaking and fishing. Could stay focused while driving and feel the buttons to make calls and even sometimes texts.
    12-16-2012 06:17 PM
  8. WPmunkey's Avatar
    Sony Ericsson k750i. Reliable, durable, and more features than any phone you could get in the US at the time. Had to buy it from Europe/Asian markets full price but it was easy to snag one for about $300
    12-16-2012 06:29 PM
  9. BotanicalStig's Avatar
    Best specs? 920, easy.

    Best phone... Honest opinion?

    iPhone4> all of my dumbphones> OpenMoko Neo Freerunner> BB bold 9700> iphone 1st gen> Moto backflip> 920

    In terms of reliability, defects, returns/exchanges, general happiness with the devices... 920 takes the cake for steamiest POS of a cell phone I've ever owned. Hopefully the fourth one wont have defects out of the box. All three of mine have different problems (loose internals, broken buttons, light leaks, loose body, weird charging problems) can't wait to see what the fourth one brings.
    12-17-2012 11:05 AM
  10. willybraatlund's Avatar
    To be honest, the Nokia n73, Ofcourse at that time :p The design of the phone was just amazing, i really fell in love with that one. And the camera was good, and everything just worked. Ofcourse the battery was bad and symbian was slow. But the one thing that really blew my mind was the durability of the phone. I once threw it down from a 30 step stair, just a little scratch on the corner.
    But ofcourse the wp era might be the best for me. And I really love my new L920!
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    12-17-2012 11:21 AM
  11. Black Helicopter Steve's Avatar
    My current phone has been the best phone I have ever owned, the T-Mobile G2. Stock Android and a nice keyboard. Love this phone, but it's time to give it up.

    Reviewing my options for my next phone. Being with T-Mo USA limits my choices a bit. I am not enamored with my Android options and looking at Windows Phone, but even there my options are the 8x with anemic storage (I want to replace my MP3 player with whatever phone I get, so storage is a must.) or the lower-end Nokia for now. Kinda bummed.

    If the ATIV S fixes the reported sound quality issues, then that might be my choice. I am not overly excited about it, though.
    12-18-2012 10:00 AM
  12. socialcarpet's Avatar
    My current Lumia 920, without a doubt.
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    12-18-2012 07:15 PM
  13. power5's Avatar
    +1!!! I once dropped my StarTac while entering a NYC subway and the phone survived. Only damage was a deep scuff on the corner where the phone initially landed, before tumbling all the way down the flight of concrete steps. I miss the days when phone were built to withstand clumsy hands.
    Yes, StarTac was amazing so was my motorola razor v1. I also had another flip phone before the razor but cannot remember what brand it was. Not a samsung or motorola, some off brand. Was a great phone but not nearly as durable as the razor.
    12-28-2012 10:40 AM
  14. JerseySal's Avatar
    HTC TP2 was a fun device.
    12-28-2012 10:43 AM
  15. zaslek's Avatar
    I loved my Sony Ericsson M600i way back in the day. That thing was sexy in white.
    12-28-2012 10:46 AM
  16. chancooluk's Avatar
    My Sony Ericsson C901 - it had such a good camera, and is the most reliable phone i've ever had.

    Other than that I also liked the Motorola defy, if only for it's incredibly small size for a 3.7" screen. It's top and bottom bezel is still tiny compared to even new phones with 3.7" screens. It had a good loudspeaker too. Shame about the overly laggy android on it though. The camera app always used to crash requiring a battery pull to get it working again.

    My other favorite was the Lumia 710, which i've since sold regrettably. Some of the pictures i took with that phone came out better than my sisters 800.

    I've had an 8x which was fab, until i noticed the screen getting tiny little scratches all over it, so that was sold on, not impressed with the gorilla glass 2 screen.

    I'm now on a lumia 610 which i got refurbished for 30 and its quite nice, but a bit laggy. I'm now waiting for the Lumia 620, as that seems like the perfect upgrade to the 710, love the styling too. Also got a Nexus 4 dispatched today... that will probably be sold on though, unless android has changed into something beautiful and smooth.
    12-28-2012 10:54 AM
  17. dogfish54's Avatar
    My Lumia 920 is the best ... and I do kinda expect every phone I have in the future to take the crown ... but ... I did love my Nokia 6820 at the time (2004). It was the first phone I had with a full keyboard, but managed to keep the small candybar form factor.
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    12-28-2012 04:07 PM
  18. slashd0t's Avatar
    I think its a tie between my iPhone 5 and my Nokia N9.. WP8 still needs some work before it can claim that title for me.
    12-28-2012 04:14 PM
  19. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Nokia 3310. At the time, it was amazing, snake, built like a tank with an inner coating of cockroaches. That thing was indestructible. I swear Nokia were thinking "Hmm, what's the toughest phone out on the market, and how can we make it a million times tougher?" - I've only ever heard one story of a 3310 being killed, and that's because some guy got shot in the back of the neck but it went through the 3310 first slowing it down enough so the guy would survive. Heroic death for the 3310.
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    12-30-2012 04:03 AM
  20. welsbloke's Avatar
    My favourite is the 920 but if it were smaller like the 800 but with all the features it would be that so room for improvement. My favourite phone prior to this would of been the O2 XDA Mini loved that beast.
    12-30-2012 04:22 AM
  21. SnailUK's Avatar
    920 without a doubt. I seem to be one of those rare people for whom WP is the perfect OS, and the 920 suits me perfectly.
    Sent from my RM-821_eu_euro1_342 using Board Express
    12-30-2012 04:32 AM
  22. Nostr3z's Avatar
    Htc hd2 -_+
    12-30-2012 05:02 AM
  23. Dr_8820's Avatar
    In this order: Leo, Vogue, and Rhodium (HD2, Touch, and Touch Pro 2 World Edition).
    12-30-2012 05:07 AM
  24. Sharpmango's Avatar
    I loved my Nokia 3310 which later got a minor upgrade to the 3330. It fit the hand beautifully and snake was a legend of a game... Evvvveryone played it and literally if you got the top score, everyone you knew would know.. It also had interchangeable covers and the ringtone just seemed designed to play missy Elliot 'get your freak on'.. I've owned many hones from many manufacturers but all my favourite phones have been Nokia.. So now i have the l920. Certainly the phone i was most excited to ever get. I love it so far, but the 3310/30 will always be king!
    12-30-2012 05:08 AM
  25. Nakazul's Avatar
    Nokia 7710 and HTC Titan is easy the best phones I had. Problem free usage.
    12-30-2012 05:37 AM
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