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    I came from an iphone 3gs. I really don't like Apple! However, I must say that there were a few features that I liked.
    1- I had a free document app that I could transfer pdf, xls, and doc file via wifi to the phone. Once in the phone I could open the document and any emails and phone numbers were hyperlinked. I could call straight from the document instead of having to write it down then dial the phone.

    I see that MS Office app on WP 7 won't do that. Is there a app out that that will hyperlink phone numbers? I REALLY need that in my traveling job. Helps keep my eyes on the road!

    2-Looks like the only way to get documents from the computer to the phone is by emailing them to myself and saving them. That sucks, you would think that windows computer + windows phone you could get them over MUCH easier!

    Is there an app which will get docs from computer to phone and back?

    3- Any idea when WP 7.8 will be available? Still can't get it here in Atlanta on AT&T w/ Nokia 900
    02-25-2013 06:56 PM

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