1. yashshah7197's Avatar
    Hello guys.

    As we now know that Instagraph has passed certification and will be available in the Windows Store soon, some of you might be wondering as to how exactly are we going to be able to post on Instagram when we don't have an account and since Instagraph doesn't support creating accounts.

    People with Android and iOS devices can just create an account from the iOS/Android app itself but what about those who don't have one?

    For those people I've got a workaround which is simple and does the job! ;)

    So lets start.

    STEP 1:
    Go to Run Mobile Apps on Windows PC or Mac with BlueStacks | Android App Player

    STEP 2:
    Download the App Player setup and install Bluestacks on your Windows/Mac PC.

    STEP 3:
    Open up Bluestacks. When it opens it should take you to the Bluestacks start screen where all apps, etc are shown. If not, then click on the button with the Bluestacks icon in the middle bottom of the window. It should then take you to that screen.

    STEP 4:
    Click on the button with the magnifying glass (search button) near the top left corner of the Bluestacks window.

    STEP 5:
    A new dialog should pop up. Enter 'Instagram' in the search field and hit the search button. Click the Instagram button after the search is completed. Bluestacks will now look for the Instagram app in various stores.

    STEP 6:
    After it has finished searching, click on the Instagram under the Android column. It will take you to the Instagram app page on the Play Store.

    STEP 7:
    Install Instagram.

    STEP 8:
    Open the Instagram app after it has completed installing. After the app starts, click on 'Register'.

    STEP 9:
    Register for a new account by filling in the fields appropriately.

    STEP 10:
    Wait for Instagraph to launch. After it launches, install it, enter the login info and enjoy! :D

    I wrote this tutorial in just a couple of minutes so might not be THAT well explained but I will update the thread with the screenshots later.

    Also, if this thread is posted in the wrong section then I request the mods or the admin to move it to the appropriate section. I didn't quite know where to post this lol :P

    Yash Shah
    04-02-2013 11:53 PM
  2. hamzie11's Avatar
    thanks for the tutorial, kudos to you
    but seriously this app is destined to failure
    way too much effort just to post a photo on some social network
    04-03-2013 12:14 AM
  3. nessinhaw's Avatar
    Annnd hipsters will never be satisfied lol
    Maybe if you all gather and do a massive campaign to Instahispter or just support Nokia #2instawithlove?
    But Instagraph is a good thing! It shows how bad those poor Instaddicts wants the app and maybe Instagram will finally do something lol if it fails, i doubt they will ever believe WP needs them THAT much!
    04-03-2013 12:34 AM
  4. hamzie11's Avatar
    Annnd hipsters will never be satisfied lol
    If you are referring to me, I dont even have an instagram account nor have I set foot on that website
    I have nothing against instagram but i know how good the app will be for wp

    instagraph isnt the answer
    04-03-2013 12:43 AM
  5. nessinhaw's Avatar
    If you are referring to me, I dont even have an instagram account nor have I set foot on that website
    I have nothing against instagram but i know how good the app will be for wp

    instagraph isnt the answer
    wasn't referring to you but to Instagram users in general...it's just your reaction reminded me many of them are complaining lol

    Instagraph might not be the answer but it will surely lead to one, like i said, it might show how bad pplz want Instagram for WP to the point devs are starting to use workarounds! Then maybe we'll see an official app!

    I hate Instagram and hate admiting it is important to give a major bump to WP D: (but i don't hate it because it's a bad app, their community just annoys me lol)
    04-03-2013 01:07 AM
  6. Joseph Jung's Avatar
    Just wish the other half of the Instagram socializing business worked well too. All 3 available apps for it are kind of bad. Uploading may only have been one big rock in the shoe.
    04-03-2013 01:17 AM

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