1. jleebiker's Avatar
    Either by voltage or by time? Preferrably by voltage. Is this possible with WP?
    06-12-2013 04:42 PM
  2. Aaron Bateman's Avatar
    This would be nice. There are no metrics in WP to give much feedback.
    06-12-2013 05:38 PM
  3. Jupast's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing myself the other day. It would be handy to take the guesswork out of pegging the guilty App(s).
    06-12-2013 09:21 PM
  4. a5cent's Avatar
    Although not technically impossible, it is impossible at the moment. MS could possibly create a list (apps couldn't do this, as it would require direct OS support) showing how often specific apps accessed which functions (WiFi, LTE, each CPU core, every co-processor on the SoC, screen-time, etc), but many of those components have variable power requirements, so that wouldn't really give you what you want. It won't happen any time soon unfortunately.
    06-12-2013 09:42 PM

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